User input by monthly and yearly

Hi, Do we have any work around for, User input for forecast version by months and budget versions by yearly, Below is the ss attached. 





  • @AmruthaB 


    If you build your forecast by time period month and your budget by time period year then you are using different dimensions. 

    Build out your forecast process using months and a separate process for Budget using year.

    You can consolidate them into a single module but you will need to devises a method of apportioning the budget data down into each month.

    This could be a simple flat phasing by dividing the budget by 12 or a custom phasing determined by a specified driver such as actual sales volumes, revenue etc from a prior year.


  • @AmruthaB 


    As @ChrisAHeathcote mentioned, different modules will be needed because the time granularity is different.



  • @AmruthaB 

    The primary issue here is how you apportion your budget when it is completed at the year time period.

    Another solution is to copy your forecast into your budget version which is dimensioned by month time period and then using the break-back functionality update your budget numbers at the year level. This will then update all month time periods in line with the forecast phasing. Once you have updated the totals you will then be able to adjust each period while maintaining the overall full year value.

    This option could be the work around you are looking for.

  • Hi @AmruthaB ,


    1. As @ChrisAHeathcote  Two different modules will be required due to the time granularity.

       But here to consolidate data into 1 module a apportion/disaggregation logic defined/approved by client would be required to get all data      by months.


    2. The entire logic can be built in one single module using Breakback functionality as @ChrisAHeathcote  mentioned.

        I had come across a similar requirement, wherein, had built with 4 levels and faced a problem where there are multiple users to input at        same item.

        If one user makes a mistake in breakback lineitem the proportions/disaggregation logic goes for a toss. (Solution :- Snapshot the data  prior inputting data by each user, suppose if a mistake is done , you could roll back using a roll back action. This will still have backdrops)

        Better go for option one if you have multiple user handling it at same time.



  • @AmruthaB Are u looking only from data input purpose from dashboard?

    Your application time range must be defined in TIME Setting and TIME RANGE and as @rob_marshall  mentioned that u will require 2 different modules to cater this requirement which are certainly displayed on dashboard/s for input.

    I hope u got the clarity. Let us know if your query to be looked from other lens.