Create Line Chart Saved View - how to build a chart view




I would like to ask how what is needed in the last task with line chart in this training.


I have built a chart, but do not understand how to save it in the view



I published it to the dashboard, but it is not the saved view I guess.


Please, help.


Thanks in advance,



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  • abhi1017
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    Hi @tonybol 


    Line chart saved view here can be defined as the module/table to be adjusted and saved best for the line chart/Graphs.

    This saved view has to be utilized to create a line chart on DB.

    1. If its classic DB then you could directly publish it to the DB while you create a chart in the module.

    2. If its NUX then you need to create a line chart through NUX based on the saved view created and use the explore the line chart options to get the exact view as projected.




  • Would like to clarify the question a bit.


    I mean in the task it is asked to make a saved view like this



    But how to make it with the graph?


    Or it is not possible and we need to just leave there a table from which we then will be able to make a line chart in the pages?


    Thank you,



  • Understood, thank you very much!