I keep getting an error I am not sure what I am doing wrong please help

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  • Hi @ZachChurch 


    Product family is Parent of P2 Products and in the CSV file Family code column defines Product family.

    So when are populating P2 Product list you need to map it to the respective parent by Family codes as provided in excel sheet.

    Hence, Map

    1. Product Name >> P2 Products

    2. Family code >> Parent

    3. Product Code >> Code


    and then run the import action.



  • I ran it with the correct mapping and it denied me on four of the results. 2021-04-02 (40).png2021-04-02 (39).png2021-04-02 (38).png2021-04-02 (37).png

  • Edit the Import action , select Name or Code and run the action again.



  • I have a quick question whenever an import fails am I suppose to delete all data and then try again? I did that for this try I just did I ended up getting another invalid parent error. 2021-04-02 (51).png2021-04-02 (50).png2021-04-02 (49).png2021-04-02 (48).png

  • Follow similar as mentioned in your 4.6.4 post.

    Here :- 

    1. Import Product Family

    2. Import P2 Products


  • I did the same thing as I did with G1 G2 G3 and P1 went good but when I imported for P2 it said invalid error. How do I fix this now without deleting and having to import to P1 again before importing to P2 and how do I fix the Invalid parent. 2021-04-02 (54).png

  • Pls share screenshot of P1 Product Family.

  • The product family is empty, hence you are getting an INVALID PARENT error while you are importing P2 products.


    1. Import Product family - Edit import action and check mappings and RUN it. Once this list is populated go ahead with next step.

       Check the CSV file that you are using to import product else download a fresh file from the course and use it for  import action.

    2. Import P2 Products - Run the existing action as mapping is already correct as shared in screenshot above.