visualization problem when exporting as PDF




I have a page in the new UX, with several dashboard. 

I want to export the all page in PDF. 

But some figures don't appear correctly in the PDF file while they appear correctly in Anaplan. I don't know why, it happens here only for the negative figures. 

Is there a way to avoid this problem  ?





  • Hi @aeyzat 


    May i know, what is number format you are using.?




  • aeyzat



    This is the format used : 




  • I have tried same on my end, works prefect for me.

    Are you getting the same error while exporting to CSV too.?


  • aeyzat

    No it's only when i export the all page in PDF, 

    When i export the dashboard only it works


    But i think i find a solution, when i change the format for negative figures with brackets, it works


    Thank you, 



  • Yeah, Changing format to bracket or Minimum Significant digits does the job.