I am having trouble importing data. It keeps giving me this error but I know I have the mapping correct2021-04-02 (81).png2021-04-02 (80).png2021-04-02 (79).png


  • hi @ZachChurch 


    Since E2 Employees is a Numbered list you should map with code instead of Employee name.

    Map E2 Employees>> Column 2 : Code

    Numbered lists are read by codes.



  • I am getting an invalid date error2021-04-02 (92).png2021-04-02 (91).png

  • Hi @ZachChurch 


    I think I remember having this issue when I was doing the training. I believe the codes in Anaplan have leading zeros (code for Shala Engle is 001 instead of 1 which is in the file). I do not know a quck workaround so I just added the leading zeros in excel then uploaded the file. 


    Hope this helps!

  • Also, for the date you should be able to change the date format in the upload settings under the time tab.