LVL 3: 4.6.3 Data Hub Model: SYS14 module

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Dear Team,


I got stuck in one place while building SYS 14 module, i don't have my old Data Hub model bcz of which i downloaded from training.


1) If it was DH model - then Data? has a simple formula to see whether SKU Filter system module has data and if yes then check if any Product is 



2) If DH is downloaded from training - it was to use a formula that references the entire timescale of the DAT05 Historic Revenue by Product module to filter for revenue greater than 0.

The entire time scale of DAT05 - FY19 QTR?

Do I need to refer DAT05 Module with rev>0? 'DAT05 Historic Revenue'.Revenue > 0

I tried but I am missing something here. Kindly guide.