L2 Sprint 2 - Formula to the Growth % Line Item



I struggle with building formulas and would greatly appreciate any help.

I am stuck with last part of the activity where I have to convert DEM01 Volume Growth Rate % (monthly) value to weeks.

Being a new learner, I am not sure if the formula is correct because I am getting zero percentage across the periods.


If anyone can explain what I am doing wrong, that would be great help.







Thank you!




  • Hi @Candy ,


    For this exercise you need to bring your growth rate from DEM01 Module which is at month level to DEM02 Module which is at week level. You need a formula to push the value from month level from the source module (DEM01) to corresponding week levels in your target module (DEM02). The formula you have used - WEEKVALUE is pushing from week to days, so you need a different function. Please have a look at the MONTHVALUE function in Anapedia https://help.anaplan.com/8b54b167-4cfc-488c-9f7f-32baac1e1fe7-MONTHVALUE




  • @Candy 

    Your source module is dimensioned by months and your target by weeks. Therefore, you need to assign a value to each week based on the MONTHVALUE of the corresponding month. 


    As @evacarusu has mentioned use the MONTHVALUE function to assign the month value corresponding to the week dimension in the target module.


    Good luck,

  • Candy

    Thank you everyone for your help! 😊