L2 Sprint 2 - 2.3.10 - Create DEM03 Demand Forecast Module



I'm really lost when it comes to formula. I don't understand what to do with formula for Growth Rate % line item?

Greatly appreciate if anyone can give me some guidance. 




Thank you!




  • @Candy 

    As with the MONTHVALUE function you need to map the value from a module dimensioned by the parent of SKU, Product Family,  to a target dimensioned by the child, P3 SKU list. 

    Therefore, use LOOKUP as per @SathyaM message to pull the Growth Rate % as defined by Product Family and assign it each P3 SKU list item. 

    The mapping relationship will be define in a line item contained in the P3 SKU list details module.

    Good luck, 

  • Candy

    Thank you everyone for your assistance 😊.


  • muizzsk9890_2-1634018044673.png

    I have inserted a formula successfully but i am not getting any values for other line items. Can anyone please help in this regard.


    Muizz S.

  • i am getting error if i use this formula could please help for formula

  • Your module may contain line name as "Growth %", thus replace the same below in the formula-


    DEM02 Volume Growth Rates by Week'.Growth Percentage[LOOKUP: 'SYS08 SKU Details'.Product Family]

  • Very much insightful, Thank you so very much!

  • You got the right Growth Percentage. please check the Baseline Forecast.