Cell Count Calculation in a module

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Hi All,

How can we calculate cell count of a line item in a module?(Not sparsity/model size)

I have a few questions with this:

1. Do we include parents in the count if the list is a hierarchical list?

2. Do we calculate no. of versions even if it is not present in dimension?

3. How do Time ranges affect the cell count of a line item?

Thanks in advance!


Sandip Sinha




  • @sandipsinha15 


    You only count the parents if the summary of the line item is turned, which is why we suggest to turn summaries off.  The cell count is only for the lists defined, so if Versions are not being used, then they don’t count.  Same thing for Time, it counts the number of members, but if summaries are turned off, then they don’t get counted.



  • That's a clear explanation. Thanks @einas.ibrahim