Anaplan Homepage Ability to Hide the Model Tile and Show the App Tile

We just upgraded some of our models with hundreds of users to the NUX. Per the business owner's requirements they wanted to force a migration to the NUX and not allow for the users to use the old dashboards in Classic. To accomplish this we removed all the dashboards in Classic and instructed users to open the App instead. We've had many users who didn't follow the instruction reach out with "issues" because their "Anaplan is blank" (ie no dashboards in Classic). We've since added a landing dash in the Model with an explanation about the upgrade and a link to the NUX App. Is it possible to remove the Model tile for specific User Roles and only show the App tile on the homepage? 




    As of today I believe that is not possible but hey that is a great idea. The only point here is that we can't use New UX for ASSIGN, COPY Branch, DELETE Branch Functions - we may still need Classic Dashboards for some more time until it gets available in New UX Post which this idea is an awesome one for not having any visibility of models to End Users

  • Definitely a bit of a hacky-way, but depending on your IT teams configuration of the browser, you could potentially try blocking/removing certain elements of the page.


    The Models section of the home page is identified by the div with "data-test-id" = "models". You can remove this div. 




    After removal: 




    Hacky way through the console (such as Chrome DevTools)




    var models = document.querySelector("#root > div > main > div > div > div > div.accordion > div.models.accordion__title.home__models.inventory.accordion__trigger--open.inventory--card");




    You could potentially add this to a userscript tool such as Tampermonkey so that it gets removed. Another way might be to modify the CSS of the page to remove the models section too. 


  • @kevin.cho 


    That is cool! Can that be User Specific? - I mean for end users it should not be visible but for all admins it should be visible

  • Whichever implementation to actually remove the div would be per-browser/machine based, so yes it could be user specific. 

    If your IT organisation has the ability to roll out changes based on user groups, that could also be an option. 

  • Hiding a section is now at user's fingertips (Show/Hide added on home page):