NUX Multiple Source Models - Delay Loading When Model Changed


In the NUX we have an app that uses 3 source models, 1 DEV model and 2 PROD models. The models are for our Sales Teams to enter weekly forecasts for the Current Quarter (one PROD model) and the Current Quarter +1 (second PROD model). When switching between the models in the NUX we've had multiple users complain about the time it takes to update the dashboard, and in some cases it seems to get stuck (blue line passing across the top of the dash and other selections not updating) and requires a browser refresh to switch the Source Model.

Has anyone else experienced this same issue? Any suggestions on model design that would improve the load time when switching between Source Models? 

Blue line (screenshot below) continues passing across the top of the dash until the browser window is refreshed and data doesn't update on the dash. 

Blue Line Load Error.jpg


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    I submitted this issue to support. They were able to identify a bug and get it resolved. Switching the source model seems to be working great now. 


  • hi 


    Yes, i had encountered the same issue.

    I had Dev, QA and Prod in one NUX app. Now, moved Prod separately to a new app and optimized all models, and the lag has reduced to max 5sec for Dev and QA.

    The time Lag while switching from one model to another is  based on your model performance.

    Optimized model is directly proportional to the loading time.  Better optimized model ,reduced loading time.

    But also have encountered cases where the model is optimized in best possible way but is still takes considerable amount of time for loading. 

    You could move the models to another apps based on the Users and roles.



  • Misbah


    Yes, I too have experienced it. I usually use the RESET button or REFRESH browser to get it working but my end users were not using two different prod models - so it didn't impact them.


    I would say log a ticket with Anaplan Support and see what they have to say. And don't forget to share the details once you hear anything from them.