Level 2 - 2.3.91

Good Morning. 

Please could you give me some pointers? I'm not sure what this error means?





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  • abhi1017
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     Follow Steps 3 & 4 from the previous post for the respective action.


  • Hi @lcapon 


    The reason for this error is because Source object is missing/unmapped for the import action that you are executing.


     1. Go to actions >> Copy the Source Label for the Import action 9.1 and use the search bar to search in Actions >>Import data sources

     2. Click edit and locate your saved view in the datahub which you have created and update it.

     3. Go to Actions -> Imports, edit the Import action 9.1, Check and update the mapping.

    4. Run the action 9.1




  • Hi - Thanks for getting back to me - I was able to resolve by recreating the action and replacing the previous which was erroring. 

    Action 2 works fine - but Action 3 is now giving me this error - What obvious reasons am I over looking?





  • It worked! thank you!!!