New UX vs. Classic Dashboards


Hi Anaplanners,


In my client I am noticing the Time to open/load a page is much longer verses opening a dashboard in the classic view.

If anyone have experienced the same and knows the workaround to speed up the New UX app, can you suggest the solution.





  • one notable difference is the time is takes to open the model.
    When you open a classic one, the model is already opened as you had to wait for it to get there.

    For NUX, your opening the dashboard might be the action that opens the model, in which case you have to wait that time.
  • Do you noticed that once the page is loaded, be it the time it takes, but later if you re-open that page by visiting some other page, do that take time in any case for you? Figuring out if I need to reach support for any issues.

  • I think it is quite expected that NUX pages are opening slightly slower than the classic dashboards because NUX has more options to customize different objects. 

    It is just my personal opinion: more options are available, more time to spend on client-side to present data in browser. 

    Also, NUX is built "outside" of the Anaplan model and it takes some time also to connect to the source model. 

    Potentially, in NUX, every page could connect to a different Anaplan, every time a page is opened, the connection needs to be re-established. 


    However, I do not expect to be a real dramatic opening time difference between classic dashboards and NUX, having the same type and comparable objects published. 


  • our users are complaining that the NUX is significantly slower than classic and this is exacerbated during screen shares. Is this something Anaplan is aware of?