DEM03 Demand Forecast Module


Hi - I've been working through Sprint 2 and have realised that I have completely overlooked the formulas for this module. Please could you assist? I'm not sure if I've missed the step our during the online sprint 2?





  • Hi,


    Check out 2.3.10 Activity: Create Demand Forecast, and then Update DEM03 Demand Forecast Module. 


    Activity 2.3.10 is where you were asked to initially create the module and populate the line items, and then where they guide you through the final Override line items. 


    The course does not spell out the formulas, but does guide you on how to write it with some hints. 


    Let me know if you need further assistance. 

  • PetyoH

    What is the correct formula? 

    Is there an answer showing how the view would look like? 


  • Thank you for updating us with the outcome.

  • Hi @PetyoH - were you able to look through those lessons that I mentioned in my previous comment?


    If you can share your prior attempts, I'll be happy to walk you through the rest. 

  •  HI Kevin, I'm basically stuck in the same spot. Part of the confusion is there's no actual instruction to create a formula, just the purpose of the module and a formula hint. Doing anything other than following instructions to the letter has so far not be rewarded, so why would we start implying a step now? I also blew right past this and had to come back.


    For my part, I'm trying to map this out, but really not having much success.


    The purpose for the first line item is "Historic volume data to current year." I'm not sure what that means because there's no verb: do what with historic data?


    The second one has the same problem: "Volume Growth Rate % for the Product Family" 


    I'm guessing they want historic data for 2019 shifted forward into the current year?


    DAT03 should theoretically have a volume value for 2019, but the offset volume is zero for 2019 and blank for 2020, despite the formula being correct according to the boards. 


    DEM01 theoretically should have 2019's growth % by product family, but trying to pull the data results in a "level mismatch on common dimension"



  • I am facing the same issues for the other line items..can someone help