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I have a partial solution but I want to :

I want to copy a few models from Anaplan Employee Training tenant - to my tenant - Anaplan Employee (Ravinder Basra) - please advise: see attached 


Models I want to copy are :


L1MB-RavinderKBasra Formulas & Functions v1.3.0 March 2018 ravinderBasraLevel1ModelB2.0(newUX)(27)


thank you


ravinder basra




  • @RavinderB 

    To copy models from one tenant to another you'll need to get support@anaplan.com involved. Here's a checklist of things that will need to be in place  though:

    • No proprietary data
    • The workspace ID from both tenants. You can see that in the URL when you're logged in
    • The source Model ID
    • The support person at Anaplan may ask you to give them temporary access to the workspace. With CIM (central identity management) you may have to get someone with user admin access, usually the tenant admin, to add the name.

    Copying from one workspace to another within the same tenant is something you can do. Just go to "manage models" and copy the model.

  • thank you