NUX Source Model Selection in Mobile App


My team and I can't seem to find the Source Model selection available in the NUX on the mobile app (iOS and Android). All of the context selectors are available and visible, but the Source Model selection doesn't seem to be anywhere. Are we missing it? Is it in a menu somewhere? Or is it not available in the mobile app? 


We have a use case where we have multiple source models (1 DEV and 2 PROD) using the same App and have been planning to use the Source Model selector for end users to switch between the two PROD Source Models. Will this not work with the mobile app? 


As shown below in a web browser the Source Model selector is available, but we can't find it in the mobile app. 

Source Model Selection.jpg

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  • AnjuR
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    Hi . I spoke with @EmilyJ and currently this isn't supported via the app. I would suggest submitting an idea via the Idea Exchange so the product team can take it into consideration for a future release.


  • Thanks for the info. Would love for this to be an option. We're quickly realizing that using multiple source models in the New UX won't be a good experience for end users and we think we're going to need to rebuild our model. Which might be best anyway.