8.3.2 REV02 Upload Issue




The imported data for REV02 repeats each month, I checked all the common issues/how to fix it and I am still stuck.

  • Header Row: 2 & First Data Row: 3
  • Time: YYYYMM
  • G3 and P2 hierarchy is correct + matches with the import data
  • model calendar is set for 2020 with a year prior and future. 

First time posting in the community, I hope I uploaded enough screenshots and details 🙂


Thanks in advance!


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  • JaredDolich
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    DAT02 I believe you will build during your certification exam so don't worry about that one.

    I just loaded the same file into a test module using your mapping and it worked perfectly. Is your REV02 module the same as the one I shared with you? And are you sure you are loading the data with headers on row 2 and data on row 3?

    We're super, super close. We're almost there.


  • PaigeYM
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    @JaredDolich I decided to make a new REV02 Module since nothing else worked, import perfectly on the first try!!! Unsure why the other module wouldn't work but oh well. Thanks again!! 




  • @PaigeYM 

    Hi. Your mapping looks great. So my hunch is that your calendar starts in February. Can you check your time settings and make sure your calendar begins in January? 

  • I checked that issue as well before posting, sorry for not clarifying that!

  • @PaigeYM 

    Let's take a closer look at your REV02 Module. See if  yours matches this blueprint. 



  • @PaigeYM 

    Also, when you first load the file, make sure you set the header row on row 2 and data starts on row 3!

  • Thanks for your assistance @JaredDolich ! A step in the right direction but unfortunately I cannot find Data02 😞 I don't know how I could have missed it in the lessons, I am having no luck finding it.