Is it possible to hide row Dimension list in Dashboard




I have a module with two list(one list as page & second one as row) with multiple items. When i am displaying this module into dashboard i want to hide row list. Is it possible to do that?. Thanks!




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  • kevin.cho
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    Ah - you wanted to keep the dimension but just hide it from view! Misunderstood your question.


    This is pretty straightforward, right click the column, to get the Column Settings - You can then set the "With for Row Labels" as the minimum value, which is 6px. 





  • Calling each dimension A (page selector) and B (as your rows), you will need to set at least one item in dimension B to display your grid. 

    How about putting dimension B in your pages as well, and then hiding the page selector from the dashboard view for this dimension? You could also fix which item you're showing in this dimension, if you have a fixed view you want to display. 

  • Hi @kevin.cho ,


    I have multiple items in dimension B, if i move B to page section then i can not see multiple rows for each list item in B.  See below live example which was built by someone, Both of views are using same module. Right side view is having list B in rows, however it(B) is not appearing for me.






  • Now i see it is working. Thanks for your quick help @kevin.cho .



  • No worries 🙂
  • Hi! Could this be also done in the New UX Page? I am also looking for this method and came across this post and wonder if this can be done in the New UX since we cannot adjust column length, unlike in the Classic Dashboard.

  • Hi @afdelarosa 


    I have checked in UX, seems like same thing not working for me in UX. you may need separate post to get proper feedback from community.



  • @afdelarosa & @Suman Reddy 

    Column width can be adjusted manually in the UX by selecting the edge of the column header and while keeping the button selected moving the selection left or right.

  • Hi @ChrisAHeathcote 


    I am looking for Dimension column but not line item column. Is it possible to adjust dimension width when the dimension is in rows?. Thanks!.



  • @ChrisAHeathcote ,


    Here i have only three options, medium , large or extra large options.  But i want to hide one of the dimension out of two dimensions. see attached example, i want  to hide the first column which is a dimension list and second one also a dimension.






  • @Suman Reddy 

    Select the relevant dimensions, then select the eye icon. 

    You can then select which items to show.