History update lag


When tracking the bulk data imports in my model, I'm noticing there is a lag of what is presented in the history export.

In other words, if an import happens at 4pm and I check the last 24 hours history at 4.10pm, I will not see the changes yet.

If I check some time later (around 1 hour later), the updates appear with the 4pm time stamp afterall.



as a model builder, I would like to be able to track the latest import changes done in the model till the minute before.


This will allow me to really track if the ETL is happening on time, which is essential during closing period for my team.


Thank you 



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  • Misbah



    As far as I know it is real time. Not sure why the lag, infact there shouldn't be any. I think it needs to be looked into by Support@anaplan.com. Log a ticket with them.

  • I'm suspecting that part of this lag is due to time zone differences.

    The time shows UTC and my office's location is now UTC+1 (Porto).


    However I'm still noticing a discrepancy between scheduled actions from an integration email vs what I can access in the history log as a workspace admin.


    Thank you

  • thank you for your feedback Misbah!