Level 2 Sprint 1 SYS07 mapping




I'm trying to import data into SYS07 module. I'm not sure why the region and countries are not being mapped. As fas as I think it is due to the region being names(America, Europe) and not being codes (EMEA, APAC etc). Same with the countries as well. Is that correct? If yes, then how do I resolve it?




  • @TamparaDora 

    You are so close! You're thinking is exactly correct. Instead of mapping to the Location Name, instead map to the Location Code! You've got this.

  • Like this? I'm getting the same error this way too.

  • @TamparaDora 

    Ah, okay. If you're still getting the same error then we need to look at the Location flat list you created. Let's make sure it's loaded correctly with Name and Code.

  • This is how I imported the locations flat file.

  • @TamparaDora 

    The errors indicate that the lists do not contain items corresponding to the codes/names in the import.

    Therefore, check that the Country and Region lists contain valid items with the correct codes. 

    Also, check whether the location dimension of the target module is the full list or the subset.

    If it is the subset I think you initial location list import was not pulling in the correct line item from the csv in order to create the subset. If so, re-import the locations list and ensure you map the correct line item to the sub set dimension.