How to use AI tool



My team is going to use AI tool in Anaplan,

and I can't know how to use it.


This article in 2019 said that we can use it.


Recently, I had attended some Anaplan webinars and heard that we can use PlanIQ.

This article says it.


I could found some articles about AI Forecast tool,

but I could not found how to use it.


In Anaplan Community,

Some people are using Optimizer or Python API.


Could you tell me about it? 


  • @CommunityMember125605 

    PlanIQ is a native integration to Amazon Forecast. So, you'll need an AWS tenant. If you have AWS then you can use Cloudworks. To use cloudworks your tenant administrator will need to make you an integration admin (much the same as making you a page builder). Here are some notes I took about Cloudworks that you may want. Great thing about cloudworks is that you can use it to schedule actions.

    • Getting things set up with AWS permissions is the time consuming part.
    • Name files with .csv
    • Export and Import file names have to be different
    • Integrations are likely to be numerous so naming convention is important
    • 25 integration limit then pay as you go. 25 per tenant.
    • No processes can be run, only actions
    • cannot do model to model yet
    • Integrations can be scheduled but once scheduled you cannot run it manually
    • File name exported cannot be the same to be imported. (used with model to model) Anaplan to AWS AWS to other model

    As for Python, its terrific. As long as you have a Python environment set up on your machine you can use the Anaplan RESTful API's. My favorite article is @chase.hippen introduction to Python for Anaplan.

  • thanks for replay!


    I could understand how to setup AI tool.


  • Misbah



    Plan IQ is something that most of us are really excited about. Last time we were told that there was going to be a training for partners on Plan IQ in the month of April but hasn't happened so far.


    @JaredDolich Grrr. PLAN IQ vs Cloud Works, confused 😄

  • Eudora

    Using proprietary AI engines and speech recognition tools, they are able to understand conversations, give intelligent responses and learn quickly. AI has also been applied to video games, for example video game bots, which are designed to stand in as opponents where humans aren't available or desired.

  • EvgyK

    PlanIQ is fully managed service and users of PlanIQ do not need to have any relationship with AWS and they don't need an AWS account. Please reach out to your CSBP for more information.