Export action very slow in New UX


Hi All, 


I have published a couple of exports on the New UX. However, they take a lot of time in completing the export. There are times when it takes almost >30 seconds for a 3/4 MB export. The same export when run from within the model is much faster. Is this a New UX issue? 


  • @ankit_cheeni 

    There shouldn't be a noticeable difference between an export from the module and an export using an action in New UX. Is it possible there was some contention? Meaning, was it possible that someone else was running a different process? This will certainly slow it down. 

    Having said this, there have been reports of slow calculations on New UX but that's pretty different from an export.

    Another test you can make is to call the action through a RESTful API and see if it's slow there too. You can use AnaplanConnect, Postman, or Python. For 3MB that should be rather quick. 

    Beyond that, the only other idea I have is that it might have something to do with your internet/network access, but that's a long shot.

    Finally, if it's really becoming a problem, especially for bigger exports, I highly recommend getting support@anaplan.com involved.

    Hope that helps a little.