Is there any way to select or Update line item @ top level of page selector




I have got one requirement from my customer, users want to update Boolean line item  or edit a line item at tope level of page selector dimension. Please see below example there are three dimensions: Country(Page selector), City & Products(Rows) and one Boolean line item: Select Product.  If I select top level item(ALL) for country then line item field is grey out but users wants to select line item even at top level item of page selector.  Is it possible to do?. 


Example 1.JPG




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  • ChrisAHeathcote

    @Suman Reddy 

    As @Misbah has confirmed it is not possible to enable a user to select the top level in the list as it is. He is also correct in that you can create a second grid and allow the user to select from this. 

    However, have you considered creating a dummy top level in the list and to use this additional list item to run all the functionality for the top level?


  • Misbah

    @Suman Reddy 


    It is not possible within the same grid, however if you are ok creating two input grids then


    1. Create a Parent of Country List (Instead of having Top Level) and call it All Countries and Keep just one list item in it i.e, All.

    2. Create a module dimensioned by All Countries list, Product and Cities. This will be Input field

    3. Go back to Original module and create another line item and use LOOKUP to pull the boolean selections from All Countries Module to Country Module. Note: You will have to write IF ELSE Statement just to give precedence to All Countries.


  • @Suman Reddy 


    I have a slightly different idea than @Misbah and @ChrisAHeathcote and that is to look at this from a different perspective...If none of the members are selected then they actually want all of them (like a select * in SQL) but it will also allow the users to pick and choose which members they want.




    So this is allowing them to pick just the ones they want, but if everything was "false", that would essentially be an ALL selection.  This can be accomplished a couple of different ways, but the easiest might be using the summary option of ALL for a boolean (basically it would be a NOT of the above).  If the "ALL" line item is true, then you know they want all of them.


    Does that help?



  • Thank you @Misbah , @ChrisAHeathcote  and @rob_marshall  for your ideas.


    I can see @ChrisAHeathcote method is much simpler and it work within same grid. But I will propose all of your solutions to customer then let him decide what is best and simpler for them.