Changing the labels of Time Dimension


All - I am using time dimension in one of my modules. The default behavior of the Anaplan puts the time dimension in a format Jan 20, Feb 20 etc. However, due to data integration capability I have a specific requirement that I want to display months in format only Jan Feb etc. The year has to be different line. Below is an example what I am trying to accomplish. Any pointers will be helpful


Jan 21Feb 21Mar 21Apr 21
100200      200250


FY 21FY 21FY 21FY 21


  • @AvnishGoel 

    It is not possible to change how time is displayed. 

    However, what you can do is create a Months list and using time period year and this new list when creating your modules.

    While this will solve this immediate issue it may also cause more problems later.

    This is because there are many very useful functions which only work when the module is dimensioned by time.

    There are workarounds for many of these but consider it before deciding on this solution.






  • @AvnishGoel I am just wondering if you can work with the data integration team as Months data without year does not make sense. If you have months and years in different columns in the source file, I would assume you can work with them to include Month and Year to be concatenated before loading into Anaplan module.


    If that does not work, I guess, I would go with @ChrisAHeathcote suggestion as a work-around.


    Hope this helps.


  • @ashish.banka 

    To elaborate on my suggestion.

    I recommend that you import your data using Anaplan time. Then map you import into a new module dimensioned by the new Month list and Year time.

    Utilise the native time dimensionality to facilitate an efficient data import then manipulate the data for presentation. 

    This will ensure that you can reference the data efficient using Anaplan time functions which will not be possible if you import directly into the months list.