Level 2 DAT01 Inventory


I have imported data into DAT01 but the inventory amounts are not correct.  I have attached my mappings but my issue is with the Distribution Centers.  They aren't matching and when I check my data against the import, the values don't match correctly.  I also added a filter to not show inventory that is 0.  


Thank you for your help.







  • @LStinsa 

    Your mapping looks great! Nice job. The reason "US" doesn't map is because it is the parent of the DC. You only need to map to the grain, or in this case the DCs. 

    Good callout. 

  • @JaredDolich 


    Thank you for looking it over.  I was getting 0's for my inventory so I downloaded the data again.  It worked.  Not sure why it went away in the first place but it's fixed now.


    Thank you again!