Import Data from a saved view to another module - Production Data or not?


Hello Anaplanners,

I have a saved view from one module that essentially captures the line item quantity at a moment in time and is saved into another module which is then referenced as the "frozen data".  I know I need to change the settings for the import  or the import data source as production data but am not sure which one.  


The import works great each month when I run it for that specific month, however, when making changes to my development model for any other reason it will overwrite the data in that "frozen data" module with whatever is in the development model space.  Because the frozen data is a snapshot in time I can't recreate it each time I make a revision to the production model so I am hoping someone can tell me what settings I need to update to ensure the data that is imported from the saved view will remain unchanged when other development revisions are synced.


Currently both the import and the import data source are non-production as per the default setting.

I appreciate any help out there.



  • hi @charlotte.chiasson , 


    Actually the concept of production import / import sources doesnt impact on the action , so basically like production data can be edited in prod model , similarly any import which is production import can have mappings changed of import and it doesnt depend on the import mappings of the action in dev model , so if you change the mapping in dev for a import marked as production , it will not impact production as you can change the mappings there , if your underlying data is changing due to sync in RTs , it means that the data is related to non - production dimensions in the model , import wont be impacted


  • @charlotte.chiasson  by default all the data cells from modules are considered as "production data". So, related to the "frozen" cells from a module, they will be preserved in PROD model when you update with ALM from DEV to PROD. 


    you can choose, however, to flag or not as "Production Data" the lists that define the structure of the modules. 


    More info in this micro-lesson:


    Hope it helps