How to override values in Module based on list members?


Dear community,


I will have a module which contains three lists - time, product and territory. Amount is the currently only line item in the module.There is use case where I need to override source system data. 


My target is to set functionality that I can set zero value for certain products and it will automatically copy this zero values all the combination instead of doing this one-by-one.


How to implement the desired functionality?

Screenshot 2021-04-11 at 12.03.56.png


Best Answer

  • ArunManickam

    Hello ,


    There are multiple ways to do it.


    Create a override module with only Product as the dimension and "Zeroise Amt" as boolean formatted line item.


    In your module create another line item called final Amt, and lookup on the Zeroise Amt using the product,

    if Zeroise Amt=TRUE then 0 else Amount