2.3.9 Activity: Historic Volumes to Baseline Forecast




When comparing my DEM03 Demand Forecast numbers to the Anaplan example, my Default Forecast seems off. The DAT03 Historic Volumes appear to match. 


Anaplan example:


what I see on my DEM03 module:



The Default Forecast matches the Baseline Forecast for FY20 and the Growth Rate % doesn't apply until Week1 FY21. 


Appreciate any guidance.



Best Answer


  • Thank you, Sravan. I believe it's right now. 


    I don't have the Override? or override forecast line items. I guess that comes up later.

  • What formula to use for Override? and Overrider Forecast line items?

  • The override and override forecast line items are input fields, there shouldn't be a formula.
  • Thank you. 

  • Hi Tiffany.Rice,


    Should we only just insert Override? or override forecast line and Final Forecast items to the Line Item? without any formula or number input?