Create Line Chart Saved View




I'm attempting to create a line chart as a saved view. When I create the line chart, I'm asked to Publish to Dashboard, I then select Line Chart, but am having trouble saving the line chart as a view. 






  • @seanomahoney 

    Great question actually. The good news is that you may already have the saved view. Normally, we create a saved view first then use that saved view to create the line chart. So if you've already created a saved view when you first built that line chart, you're all done!

  • Hey Jared,

    I created the Global Assumptions Grid UX view, but haven't created the line chart view yet.



  • @JaredDolich 


    Following up to see if what I did makes any sense. Thanks.

  • @seanomahoney 

    It is not the actual chart that is saved as the view. 

    It is the data table used to populate the chart.

    Therefore, the chart is created from the data, formatted and then saved to a dashboard as the visual representation of the data in the source view.

    Some chart types require data to be presented in a very specific format and you will need to create a saved chart view for each chart type which is derived from the data. 

  • @seanomahoney 

    What you'll want to do is create a saved view that will generate the chart in the new UX. OR, alternatively, you can create a custom view in the New UX. There are plusses and minuses of each but for charts, I find that if it is a one off chart, meaning it wont' be used anywhere else, I prefer to use a custom view. The choice is yours or you might try both and see which you prefer.

    For grids, I'm 50/50. Sometimes the saved view is a better option because you can easily change it classic and have that change immediately show up in the New UX. 

  • @ seanomahoney hi, can you please tell how to get line chart as I am getting grid as default and I am unable to change to line chart here and also how did you get the values in DEM03, please help