Want to be able to display a property of a list as a dimension


Hi Anaplanners!

I want to be able to display a property as a columns on a Dashboard.

Let me know the best way to do it.


Thanks in advance!



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  • Misbah
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    Assuming your module is dimensioned by the same list where you are storing your Property on , then create a line item in the module and simply point and click to the property of the list. 


    As @ArunManickam mentioned properties can't be published on the dashboards, hence you will have to refer those into module line items and then publish - This is one of the many reasons that Properties should not be created in such cases. 




  • You cannot do this from the property. Thats one of the reason why properties are discouraged.


    Please use a system module line item for the property. 




  • Thanks @Misbah and @ArunManickam ! I will try this.

  • if you want to be able to easily select entities by geographic region, you simply add a REGION  a dimension within the dimension library and clicking Add in the toolbar above the property list.  Display name of the dimension.

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