Cloudworks set-up page slow?


I played today the first time with Cloudworks and had to experience a pretty bad performance of the set-up page (incl. 504 errors). It told me for example that it "successfully created the integration", but then took almost 5 minutes until it was visible. Going back to home and back into Clouworks just freezed the page for around a minute. Clearing cache etc. didn't solve it. The set-up itself (selecting workspace models etc.) went fast, also anything else in Anaplan has the usual good performance.


Is this normal behaviour of Cloudworks or something for Anaplan support?


  • I think you are not alone. 🙂


    I had sometimes struggled with the CloudWorks page as well...

    - receive error when I try to create a connection/integration/process

    - very slow ( never opening ) the page of the Processes


    Sometimes clearing the cookies helped...but not always :)

    Not sure what is the reason. 

  • Unfortunately I've also experienced the same - both when accessing through the browser, as well as trying to use the Cloudworks API to set up connections. Many server timeouts were had 😞 

  • @alexpavel @kevin.cho I received feedback from L3. Seems to be a bug known to the product team. 



  • @PhilippErkinger Thanks for letting us know!

  • Another update from the product team:


    " I have received a response from the Product team and I am pleased to inform you that this issue is currently planned to be fixed in an upcoming release. I will place this case on hold until that time and reach out to you once the fix is released."

  • Its a half cooked product, it works but has a lot of bugs. it will take 2-3 iteration of updates to be stable I think.