I am creating a module where I want Assets rolling up into Products (I have set Parent of Assets as Products).

It is currently just a regular list, but my question is, do I want a numbered list? What is best practice and when is it best to use numbered lists? I've tried ANapedia but I didn't find it very helpful.




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  • rob_marshall



    First of all, there is no performance difference between a numbered list and a "regular" list, but here are a couple of questions that might help in deciding which way to go:

    • is there a 1 to 1 relationship between Assets and Products?  Meaning does an Asset only roll up to one Product or can it roll up to multiple Products?  If the answer is the latter, numbered list is the way to go.
    • Will users be able to add assets to a certain Product via the App?   If yes, then the answer is numbered list as this can only be done using a numbered list, from an end users point of view.
    • Will assets move from one product to another?  And if so, does the original placement of the asset still need to be tracked, think effective dating?  If so, numbered list is the way to go.
    • If the assets just roll up to a product and that is basically it, with no user intervention, then a "regular" list is the way to go.


    Hope this helps,




  • Thank you Rob, that was very useful!!

  • Thanks for the detailed explanation @rob_marshall .


    Curious about end-users adding to lists using the nux. If I understood your second point correctly, currently an end-user can't use a 'form' to add a new list item to a standard list; this functionality only works for numbered lists?


    Curious as to why this is the case. 




  • @nabeelkhan 


    I believe it can be done in worksheets, but not Forms and I am not sure why that is the case.  As for why a user can't add to a "standard" list vs. a numbered list, honestly, I am not sure.  The action that does that requires the list to be numbered, I am guessing to make sure there aren't duplicates.