Level 2 Sprint 3



I am at the point where I am comparing my INV01 data to the Anaplan lesson example and my numbers aren't matching.


I have a couple of questions about INV01.

For Beginning Inventory:  My numbers are good until week 4. Then I realized that when triggered the PO Submitted boolean, it showed up in the confirmed PO line for the exact week. Which I know is wrong, so I looked at that formula.  In my Confirmed PO formula, I looked to see if a PO was Submitted and if it was then I used OFFSET to look at the PO submitted and then subtracted the number of shipping weeks.  


But then I realized that there is no data in my shipping time weeks. So, I looked at the data in my DAT02 and it's all there, so it must be my formula.  For my formula, I took the shipping time weeks and then looked up the sku information and shipping method. I went back to Sprint 2 and Anaplan says to condense formulas as much as possible so that's why I didn't use the same formula I use to get my Shipping method data.


I'm not sure what I am doing wrong or where to look up the information.  Any suggestions on where to look?





  • @LStinsa 

    I think you're okay on that one. In a supply chain use case, there's a concept called an inventory balance set. This equation describes how you get from a beginning inventory to an ending inventory through a variety of adds and reductions. So Ending Inventory = Beginning Inventroy + Receipts - Sales.

    The reason why you numbers trail off is because you haven't yet entered the receipts. You will do that, I believe, in a subsequent part of the course. 

    Good call out though!

  • Thank you! I thought it was because there was no data in the shipping time weeks.