Zero Suppression




Is there an option to suppress zeroes in a module so all the cells that have 0 or blank as values can be hidden?






  • @Megha27 


    I assuming you have a timescale, so the easiest way is to create a Boolean line item named Not Zero? with the formula being Data <> 0.  You want that in case you have offsetting line items.  Create another line item, Boolean formatted , this time remove Time from the Applies To (this will create a subsidiary view) for that line item.  The formula should be TimeSum(Not Zero?, -1000,1000, ANY) and you can filter on this.  The -1000 is the start date, the 1000 is the end date, and the ANY is the summary which works with the Boolean.  

    see if that works as I am doing this from memory and not testing it out.



  • @Megha27 Why ain't using Filter option to filter all zero data?

    And you can save that as a view.. so it will be like ready to use non-zero table / module

  • @Megha27  In Anaplan there is not a specific setting to hide/suppress the zero/blank cells when you publish data in dashboards/NUX pages. You need to use the normal filtering options also by creating boolean line-items as @rob_marshall  suggested. 


    However, there is an option for export actions: "Omit  Empty rows" which can be considered similar to suppressing blank/zero rows. 


    Hope it helps




  • To avoid adding a line item to the module and increasing the number of cells, I have inserted a boolean in the SYS cube of the product; for example

    Has Lot Expiration? = TIMESUM ('DAT40 Inventory Lot Expiration'. 'Inventory (Planning)') <> 0


    and then I filtered on the UX.





  • @matteo1972  Using the timesum on the real line-item data you have the risk to suppress the rows that have data in a month but are reversed in another month.


    At totals, the numbers are not changed, but looking at every month you could have different results. 


    Hope it helps


  • @roblox unblocked Use the new Boolean line item in your module view as a filter.
    Filter for TRUE to show only the cells where the data is not zero.
    By creating a Boolean line item that checks if the data is not zero and then using TimeSum to aggregate this Boolean condition over time, you can effectively filter out cells where the data is zero.