Zero Suppression



Is there an option to suppress zeroes in a module so all the cells that have 0 or blank as values can be hidden?






  • @Megha27 


    I assuming you have a timescale, so the easiest way is to create a Boolean line item named Not Zero? with the formula being Data <> 0.  You want that in case you have offsetting line items.  Create another line item, Boolean formatted , this time remove Time from the Applies To (this will create a subsidiary view) for that line item.  The formula should be TimeSum(Not Zero?, -1000,1000, ANY) and you can filter on this.  The -1000 is the start date, the 1000 is the end date, and the ANY is the summary which works with the Boolean.  

    see if that works as I am doing this from memory and not testing it out.



  • @Megha27 Why ain't using Filter option to filter all zero data?

    And you can save that as a view.. so it will be like ready to use non-zero table / module

  • @Megha27  In Anaplan there is not a specific setting to hide/suppress the zero/blank cells when you publish data in dashboards/NUX pages. You need to use the normal filtering options also by creating boolean line-items as @rob_marshall  suggested. 


    However, there is an option for export actions: "Omit  Empty rows" which can be considered similar to suppressing blank/zero rows. 


    Hope it helps




  • To avoid adding a line item to the module and increasing the number of cells, I have inserted a boolean in the SYS cube of the product; for example

    Has Lot Expiration? = TIMESUM ('DAT40 Inventory Lot Expiration'. 'Inventory (Planning)') <> 0


    and then I filtered on the UX.





  • @matteo1972  Using the timesum on the real line-item data you have the risk to suppress the rows that have data in a month but are reversed in another month.


    At totals, the numbers are not changed, but looking at every month you could have different results. 


    Hope it helps