Graph- hide items with blank values on the chart




How do i show the items that have values and hide the ones with blank values on the graph. I would like them to change dynamically when i click on the filters/selectors.









  • Hi @DarrenS!

    When you want to create a chart, it will be correct to create a separate view on which the necessary settings and filters will be saved (hide zero). If you use this in a view in the new interface, then everything will work well. There is a nuance for the classic interface. There you should first apply a filter where all the values are TRUE and create a graph. And then publish the graph and adjust the filter.

  • I found a screenshot from Anaplan tutorials on this topic. See attachment.

    Filter on chart.png

  • @DarrenS try below method if it will help:


    1. Save a filter based view which will filter out all the non-zero / unrequired rows.

    2. Select that view to publish the chart / diagram.

    3. To Test: Change any value to non-value and refresh your view. That value should present in the chart also. Likewise, all can be dynamically handled.

    Demonstration below:

    Nov Volume is zero and is not in the chart: CommunityMember126793_0-1618387785363.png

    Changing Nov Volume to 100 and refresh (acts as an action to bring the updated values on chart) once




    Jan to Dec are list based values and not TIME Dimension.


    Let me know if response is not aligned on the asked query. 

    ** I haven't tried if a module is TIME dimensioned also.

  • Hi @CommunityMember126793 ,


    Below is the snapshot of my date table. How do i set up the filter?  I don't quite follow how you do it. Sorry if you could give me a step by step guidance. 




  • Apologies for the very late revert! my DM must give the reason 🙂


    1. Identify the final view which you want to publish on dashboard as chart?

    2. Apply Filter which will eliminate all the zeros/unwanted number.

    3. Save that as view

    4. Publish that on dashboard

    5. Now change a value in module (or through dashboard (if that module also published on dashboard)) to ensure that it won't be excluded from filter.

    6. Now, refresh the dashboard page and this must be visible in chart.


    Hope able to shed require light