Conditional formatting colors classic UX vs NUX




I'm looking for some assistance with conditional formatting in the NUX.

I am migrating all classic UX dashboards to NUX dashboards.

I was able to migrate(by importing the DBs) and I see the conditional formatting applied in the NUX. However, the color choice is not consistent between classic and NUX.

I like the green "fluo" color that was applied when importing the dashboard and I would like to apply it on other cards of the dashboard that I have added in the NUX only.

How can I know what the RGB code is of the color code taken over when importing the classic DB and how can I apply it to the NUX? (see image attached for clarification)


Thank you for your help!


  • Misbah



    As far as I know RGB color coding is only available for Charts and not for Grid Cards. I think suggestions have already been given to the Product Team to consider opening it up for other cards as well