Lvl 3 TAR04 Account segment total by country


I was validating my build of TAR04 module. While my All Segment data is matching, the individual segment data(small,medium,large) aren't. See attached image; first grid is my build and second the one from training. 





I checked my system module and all segments are mapped to each account. what is it that I am missing?



  • @kunal_311 

    Check your summary settings.

  • Hi @ChrisAHeathcote 


    I used SUM as summary settings as it allows sum for all segments & for all regions. I tried other summary settings but they did not work.

    My solution


    Training Solution:






  • @kunal_311 

    I can see from the screenshots that the totals by country match. 

    The totals by segment are different therefore the problem must be in the mapping. 

    I recommend that you import the data that informs the mapping again as it appears that the distribution in your mapping is different that the example.

  • Hi @ChrisAHeathcote 


    First of all, Appreciating your guidance on the said issue.

    The mapping was already there in the "SYS02 Account Details" module which we got by downloading the Level 3 Starter model at the start so No import as such is done by us in that case.

    To cross-check I again downloaded the starter model and rechecked my values in "SYS02 Account Details" and they are correctly mapped.



  • I was able to figure it out.

  • Would you mind shedding some light on how you solved it? I encountered the exact same problem, and also have correct total values, but incorrect segment values.
  • Hello,


    I Have the same problem here. I downloaded the model again, but the I think that the mapping of the segments are different now from the ones that were used in the training solution.


    Do you have any solution for that?



  • Hello,


    The mappings are correct if you've taken them from the Level 3 Starter model. I initially redownloaded as well just to be safe. I know that @Misbah had made a comment in another thread on this - Take a look at your source for the sales targets by segment, are you using the initial sales target, the final, or something else? Hopefully this helps without giving anything away.

    Good Luck!

  • Can you please advise how you solved this issue?
  • Right, you did reference sales target to populate those numbers but make sure from which sales target column you need to pull the data 

  • How were you able to do so. Care to share.? 🙂 

    As you learn from us, we want to do the same


  • Make sure that you check your values in TAR04 Account Segments Total By Country Module after you have imported the file provided. This mismatch is because that. Read carefully and proceed.
  • How did you do this?
  • Did you find any solution for this?
  • I have exactly the same incorrect values by country. What was the solution for it?

  • Hi @lilasququ ,

    As others hinted already, please recheck your formula - which sales target are you referring from the source?


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    @lilasququ  - I am sorry but what is the MATH for Final Sales Targets?

  • Can someone dummy it down for me and tell me how to derive FINAL account sales rev targets. It is obvious to me i should not be using INITIAL targerts but FINAL instead. What and what do I add or substract or multiply to get to FINAL? Thanks