Filter by Region/Salesperson




How do you set up a filter on the graph which only reflects the names of the salesperson from the country/region selected? 


For example, when "Japan" is chosen, only the salespersons from Japan appears on the graph. It should change dynamically to whatever region/country is chosen. Thanks. 



  • Hi @DarrenS 


    Yes, you can setup a filter.

     If Salespersons roll up to the Country/region then automatically Salespersons will be  displayed based on the region selected. (But this not the case here)

    If Region is an attribute of Salesperson ?(If yes, then what is dimensions of your graph module.?)

    Could you please share a screenshot of module/graph.





  • Hi @abhi1017 


    Please refer to the snapshots below. 


    The salesperson rolls up the country/region.


    Await your advice.Thanks. 






  • Hi @DarrenS 


    1. If its NUX ,you could directly select to show only the region level from page selectors and sync the page.

    2. Classic NUX - Create a filter

        A filter module with a list formatted region line item.

       A boolean formatted line item in the graph module referencing the above region lineitem. (Item(region)=List formatted)

    Use this boolean lineitem in Graph saved view to filter w.r.t to the region selected.



  • I've tried in the NUX but the totals for the region are being as well (refer to pic). How do i remove it? 


    In the classic UX, can i trouble you to show me visually how you set up the filter you have mentioned? 






  • 1. Create a module to select the region.(List formatted lineitem -region)



    2. I have created a TEST module to create the graph.

       Assuming Salespersons =  Countries rollling to regions.


    The filter line item here is used to filter based on region selected from Select Region module created above.


    3. Create a saved view in the test module with filter lineitem as filter.


    4. Publish Select lineitem from Select region module as field card 

        Publish Saved view on NUX.


    PS: Once you select a region from dropdown ,refresh the page and chart will reflect the selected region.



    Hope it helps.



    Hi, I have encountered the following error message. Not sure what's wrong?







    What is the dimension of TEST module ? (Do you have time dimension in it?)

    Is aoa_2_region parent of aoa_3_pod .?



  • Yes, aoa_2_region is parent of aoa_3_pod .


    There is time in the TEST module







  • Set Time to "Not applicable" for filter line item.

    Then Formula should work.

  • change the time to "not applicable" but still not working
  • Hi @abhi1017 ,


    I've managed to create the view I required in the NUX but the total by "Region" is showing as well. Is there a way to remove it and just show the names of the salesperson?




  • Hi @DarrenS 


    In the saved view, right click on the salesperson dimension>> Select levels to show >> untick Region. Save the view.

    Else share screenshot of the saved view.



  • Hi @abhi1017 


    I've unchecked the the Region and just showing the salesperson name. But I'm unable to sort by region on the graph since the re. It's showing all the salesperson names.



    Saved View



  • You need to create a filter as i had mentioned in earlier posts.

    And use that in this module.


    Hope you are able to figure out else we can connect.





  • Is there a need to create the filter since i'm created  the graph in UX? The only trouble is that the totals are still showing.


    Anyway, I'm still facing the same error whilst trying to create the filter. 


    Let me know when it's a good time to connect. Thanks.