L3 Quarterly initial sales target

I am actually stuck in this and need some help


1. In the Level 3 Sales Planning Model I have created a module and successfully imported the data from the data hub for Actual Sales Revenue. Its dimension include - A1 Accounts, P2 Products




2. I have another module in which I have dimension as G2 Country, P2 Product Family, A2 Account>Product#


I am not able to do a lookup from the earlier module and using the SYS03 Account>Product Details. It says level mismatch on common dimension.


I am just stuck here please can you help me how to move forward after importing the data from the data hub - I understand I will have to use LOOKUP and SUM and I have used those formulas earlier - In this particular scenario I am not able to understand how to use them - what should be the dimensionality of the new module.


Thanks a lot!!!


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  • Misbah
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    When you load the data, the dimensions of  the DAT module are A1 Accounts, P2 Products & FY19 - All good

    When you take it to the target module which is dimensioned by Account-Products# list and Time (FY20) - so its obvious that there is a dimension mismatch. Now in order for this to get working  you will have to use SYS03 Account-Product#  module for LOOKUPs (First Lookup on Accounts, Second one on Products) and SYS00 Time Settings Module for third LOOKUP.( Lookup on Previous Quarter)






  • @mickynike7 


    Which module is that where you are using all the three dimensions together? The Intention of creating Account-Product# list is that you use it instead of using Accounts and Products. So my suggestion is to get rid of these two dimensions from the target module and keep only Account-Product# as a dimension and then use LOOKUPs to pull the data  from Source Module (Make sure you use two LOOKUPs)



  • Thanks for the reply.


    I am importing the data as is from the Data Hub. So I have kept A1 Accounts and P2 Products as dimensions.


    Please can you give me more details on the lookup part. If I only keep one module with the dimensionality of Account-Product#  and use the system module to lookup the product family and country I get level mismatch error and I am not able to lookup.



  • Thank You @Misbah! You have solved my problem!