Limitation on data import (anaplan connect)


Hi anaplanner,


I have problem with import file using anaplan connect, when i import file with large rows 1 milion or more i have notice out of bonds, but if i import rows less than 1 milion is succesfull.



my question is is there a limit to the number of rows that can be imported?






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  • Misbah



    I don't think so but it may be because of the size of the file. @ben_speight can you help?

  • A million rows isn't pushing any limits. It looks like a problem with Anaplan Connect, but I'm not sure where, as it doesn't provide a stack trace any more. If you pass the -d or -debug flag on the command line we might get a bit more detail on how far it got.

  • Try to upload the data as different chunks. This might help solving the error.
  • @Panji 


    @ben_speight is really the master here, just wondering what version of Anaplan Connect you are working with?  I had similar issues using a previous version of Anaplan Connect but the bug was fixed in 1.4.4.