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I have a list dropdown for our users to select from. However, I am wondering the best way to "hide" certain list items. I want to ensure users don't have the ability to see or select an incorrect item, however I can't delete these list items since they have data tied to them from past years.


Attached is a photo for reference of the items I would like to "hide".


Thanks in advance!

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  • ChrisAHeathcote


    Easiest way to limit what is seen in a list is to use Selective Access.

    When setting up the line item make sure you check 'Selective Access' when confirming the format.


    Your user will only be able to view the list items that have been assigned to them.


  • I'm not sure that I understand completely, but could you create a subset of the list and then restrict the drop-down to the subset, which would only contain the "active" members?

  • @Alenart 


    When I tried this idea of creating an "Active Drivers" subset, it deleted the data where there was a nonactive driver previously.


    In the photo attached, Driver Selection uses the new active drivers subset and Driver Result is what it was previously. Since "DONT USE Trailing..." list item is not included in the subset, it clears the data.


    I am hoping for a solution that keeps the data on the backend, but would limit the list items available to the user from the UX to select.

  • I'm assuming the deleted data was from a module that currently uses the entire list and if you have that module use just the active subset then the other data is cleared, correct?

    Is there a reason that the module with the data cannot retain the entire list and the line item used for the dropdown (I'm assuming how this works) utilizes just the active subset members?

  • @Alenart 


    Correct. If I'm understanding your second question correctly, the module with the data does retain the entire list and the line item used for the dropdown is formatted on the subset of active members. 


    I think I may have found a solution along the lines of what you were alluding to -- I created a new line item used for the dropdown that utilizes just the active subset members. In the formula, I set it equal to the line item that included all list members. Then I deleted the formula, so the value was saved, but it could be user edited. Now when a user goes to select an item from the dropdown, they can see the past incorrect value but cannot select it again from the dropdown items.


    I've attached a photo of a warning I get on the model building side, but hopefully this is okay?

  • @kkawasak 

    If the drop down is a dimension and not a context filter it is possible to filter the the list in the page designer.


    If the drop down is a hierarchy filter then you will need to create a subset and use that in your module.

  • @ChrisAHeathcote

    Great, thank you!

    When enabling selective access on the list, it warns me that "Users will be denied access to any item in this list until explicitly granted read or write permission." Does this imply that past data in the module will be cleared?
  • @kkawasak 

    No. Data will not be lost.

    Selective Access simply regulates who can read and write to a list item.

    It does not adjust any underlying data module(s) as the list still exist.

    The user is just not able to add or read data against certain items.