Level 1 activity 7.2.3 importing and mapping data



Anyone to help please, I have spent the last 4 days trying to complete this activity. I have followed all the steps but I keep getting errors. I think that there might be some steps missing in the tutorials. Please help me.



  • You have to Map the code to the Employee dimension, rest columns are the line items.


    Spend some time to understand the mapping.







  • Tnx Arun, I have done that and country,current salary & commission have been mapped. But the code, start & leave dates haven't. I was getting an error on the dates saying "invalid date". I'm wondering if it has to do with the American format and my system is not
  • Hello @Chichi 


    Please edit the date format on the right hand side under the line item tab. You can setup the format as per your file content.


    You need to understand the training , these are explained as part of the training. If you skip any step, it will be difficult to proceed for you.







  • @Chichi 

    A few points to check in the mapping process.

    1. Ensure that the employee codes in the model match in the data import. The data often removes the lead zeros and as a result if your employee list contain codes which include the leading zeros and the data file removes them then they will not fully map.
    2. When mapping the time you need to set up a custom mapping. When review the line item mappings look in the box to the right and you will see a check box next to the data line item. Select this and will be directed to a mapping screen. Select DDMMYYYY from the selection and you will notice the the dates will map to a green selection. 
    3. Repeat the step above for all date formatted line items.


  • Thank you so much.
  • Thank you.
  • Hi, thank you. I have followed your suggestions everything else has worked except for the employee codes. When I open list E2 Employees# I notice that it has codes already, could this be preventing the upload of employee codes to the SYSO8 module?
  • great post. was exactly what I needed

  • Thanks alot , i was stuck on this since last 3 days .