Import Shipping Expenses into OTH01 Module - mapping doesn't display shipping costs


Hello community,


I have a question concerning the task "Import Shipping Expenses into OTH01 Module" included in the Level 2 conclusion. The preview of the import doesn't show the numbers of the shipping costs.

(in the saved view picture you can see, that I hided the "Code" line item for the export. I did this because it resulted in an error).


Does anybody know why this happens?


Thank you in advance!




  • Hi @jseinsche 


    Since Summary is turned none for shipment numbers, you are not seeing value for year(FY20) and ideally you can change your saved view to show only months since you are importing the only monthly values and summary for year you will any way see in the target if you turn on summary.




  • Hi Srikanth,


    thanks for your quick response!

    I turned summary on, but the import resulted in an error (see pictures attached).

    Why did this happen?


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