SYS00 Time Settings'.Forecast Period? is not a recognized line item or list member


Hi team 

am receiving an error 



  • Do not type the module or line item names, Go and pick it from the actual module while writing formula. 




  • i have done same thing but still same error 

  • Could you please share screen shots of formula and referred line item?

  • @harishroshan 

    Make sure that you are selecting the line item and not the list item.

    It is a common error to select the list item thinking that it is the line item when trying to reference Forecast?

  • i got the solution and am taking test
  • Hi, I am still not getting it.


    I am getting same error.


    Could you please help


  • Hi Harish,


    can you share the solution for the same 



  • Hi Harsh,


    Plz can you share the solution

  • Hi Nishi, Please share your screenshot for where you are receiving error. I believe you are getting this error in REV03 Module, please share the screenshots of blueprints of both the modules(REV03 and SYS00 Time Settings)

  • Hi Sobaid,

    Thanks for the support and time, the issue been resolved. 



  • Hi, plz rename the SYS00 to SYS01 then try

  • jashton

    Receiving this error