Level 1 Exam - Activity 4 - Employee Drivers by Role - Data Import




Hope somebody can assist me please so I can progress further on the exam.


I am completely stuck after exhausting all options this morning.

I picked Column 2 Departments - map to E1 Departments
I picked Column Headers - map to E3 Roles

I picked Fixed line ltem - to map to EMP03 Employee Drivers by Role Line Items

However, when I go to the EMP03 Employee Drivers by Role Line Items tab I get the option to pick 1 of Bonus %, Car Allowance, Phone Allowance Medical Benefit.


Surely I want to pick all 4?


What am I doing incorrect?


I have attached picture of the mapping screen



  • Misbah



    There is just one mistake. Instead of Picking Fixed Line item mapping pick Column 1 against EMP03 Line items




  • @LeeC 

    Map your line items to the drivers.

  • LeeC

    Thanks - of course that's it......I did get some errors the Bonus Percentage failed but I guess I just need to change the raw data file to Bonus %.

  • @LeeC 

    If you find that the spellings are different and they do not automatically map you can map items manually.