Update Current Period Action


From April 24, 2021, model builders will be able to update Current Period via an action.

Workspace Administrators (WSAs) can always update the Current Period manually via the Model Calendar, however, this may not always be convenient.

The Update Current Period action enables the WSAs to increase efficiency and reduce maintenance effort.

Set Up the New Action

  1. You must be a workspace administrator to set up and run the Update Current Period action.
  2. Create a Systems Module with a Time Period format line item that will contain the Current Period value. Note: The line item must not have any dimensions applied to it.
  3. Go to the Actions pane and select Update Current Period from the New Action button in the toolbar.dafinkapancheva_0-1619449660511.png
  4. Enter the name for the new action and select the respective line item from the drop-down menu. Note: The dropdown menu will display only the line items that are period-formatted and do not have dimensions applied to them.
  5. Click OK, and the new action will display under Other Actions.

Make the Best Use of Update Current Period Action

Once the set up of your Systems Module and Update Current Period action is ready, you need to set up a simple 2-step update:

Step 1: Update the Systems Module; You can update the value via manual input, a file import, model-to-model import, or it might be a formula-driven value.

Step 2: Run the Update Current Period action.

There are a number of ways that you could go about implementing the two-step update, but in this article, we are going to focus on two cases in particular: updating Current Period using Data Hub and updating Current Period from a Page in the UX.

Update Current Period using Data Hub

The benefit of using a Data Hub is that you can build a System Module that contains the Current Period values for multiple models across your environment.

  1. Set up an import into the Systems modules of each of the spoke models that you will be updating.
  2. In each spoke model, create a two-step process that first runs the import and then runs the Update Current Period action.dafinkapancheva_0-1619198115697.png
  3. Finally, you can either publish the process to a Page in the UX or automate and schedule the process via Anaplan Connect.



Update the Current Period via manual input from a Page in the UX

This approach would be useful in use cases where the WSA prefers to update the Current Period manually rather than scheduling it through Anaplan Connect and where they are also not using a Data Hub to store the time settings for multiple models in a central place.

  1. Create a new Process and add the Update Current Period action to it.dafinkapancheva_2-1619198115714.png
  2. Publish the Systems module grid and the Process to a Page in the UX. Make sure that the grid is editable.dafinkapancheva_3-1619198115717.png
  3. Now you can change the value on the grid and run the process to update the Current Period of your model.


  • This has been a glitch for long time, glad that Admin has an action now to update the same instead of going to the model and updating the time settings.


  • Definitely a step in the right direction! Kudos to Anaplan Dev team for adding this functionality!

  • Hi everyone, so the only user that can launch this action with success from UX Page, can only be a Workspace Admin? Is that correct?

  • @JoanaNdreu

    Yes, you are correct.