Help! 7.2.1 Activity: Import Data into Product Details Module


I have reviewed several posts to track down why information is not populating. I compared my L1MB SYS modules to the the finished sample modules and they match.


Here is how I am importing the Products (1).csv:


And here is the result:


as compared to the sample file (what it should look like):


You can see I have extra rows above and no product family listed. What am I missing?




  • Hi @HaddoxCommunityAccount 


    Parent column has not been mapped correctly while creating P2 Products list. Make sure you re import P2 Products list, and map the correct parent column from  file so that your product will get aligned with  P1 Product family. 




  • Thanks!!! Going back, I found that I hadn't set up many imports properly. You saved me days!!!