Level 3 Sprint 2 - Account Exceptions UX instructions



I have created Accounts Exceptions UX Dashboard as required and data is in sync with what was in Level 3 - Sprint 2 - '4.5 Check your build' - (Screenshot attached)


Further instructions are as below:

After verifying the functionality of the Account Exceptions UX, use the Assign Action to update the Account to Territory assignments: 

  • Assign Chocolatemm to US Central Territory
  • Unassign Candyose from the US Central Territory (keep the ME North territory assignment) 


After making these further changes, all the exceptions were cleared and don't see any unassigned/mismatched/over assigned Accounts. 


Can you please suggest if I am missing any other instructions? I went through all the use cases multiple times but could not find any further instructions. 


further instructions.PNGCheck your build.PNG


  • Hi mmounika, I met similar issue when I reassign Chocolatemm and Candyose, then there is no any Not Assigned/Assigned two territory. then when I go to the technical exam, I don't have answer for these "Account Exceptions UX". So I wonder if I miss anything and somebody can give instruction
  • Hi Bobbie88J


    Just complete the L3 exam. Before we start the technical exam we can download a .zip file which include new source files (account, Territory to Accounts, 2019 actual and employee details). You have to upload all these files into your models then get new result which use in the exam.

    Open the exam and download zip file at page 2. Mouse over the text at the page then can download. Hope it is helpful.