Level 2 Model Building, Sprint 3, INV01 Inventory Ordering


Hi Everyone!

May be you can help me to figure out why some of my numbers didn't match...

And what is wrong with the formulas? May be I'm getting wrong the instructions and do not understand something... I appreciate any help. Thank you.

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 Thats how numbers are supposed to be

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Thats mine. 

and not the same:

1) Beginning Inventory for Jan 20

- Example - there is a summary for the month

- Me: Having the last week number

My formula is:

IF NOT 'SYS01 Time Settings By Week'.'1st Week of Timescale?' THEN PREVIOUS(Ending Inventory) ELSE 'DAT01 Beginning Inventory'.Beginning Inventory


and by the description of the formula I'm kind of got it correctly? What part is wrong here?

Line Item: Beginning Inventory

This line item needs to display the value from the Beginning Inventory line item in DAT01 Beginning Inventory module for the first week of the year and the Ending Inventory from the previous week.

The syntax of the formula should be written: If it is not the first week of the year, then use the previous value of Ending Inventory, otherwise use the Beginning Inventory from DAT01 Beginning Inventory module.


2) Reorder flag I have true only at week 7 FY20

while in the example it's in the week 5

my formula for it

OFFSET(Ending Inventory, Shipping Time Weeks, 0) < 0


3) SHipping Time Weeks 

I have 0, while in the example is 2

my Formula

'TRA01 Shipping Metrics by Week'.'Shipping Time (Week)'[LOOKUP: 'SYS08 SKU Details'.Product]


4) Ending Inventory I guess has the same problem as beginning Inventory: showing last number (for the last week).

my Formula:

Beginning Inventory - Forecast Demand + Confirm Purchase Order Receipt


 And I'm attaching my Blueprint View just in case


Screenshot 2021-04-26 at 00.49.06.png


  • Did you get these sorted? I found your question whilst having similar problems
    For 3, I've got the same calculation, and have data (2) in the cell, but I had to put some test data (2) in the TRA01 module. If you use Drilldown/F8 from the INV01.Shhipping Time Weeks cell, it shows me a pop up with the source cell (if it's empty, that's a problem). I can open the Source Module from the Drilldown pop up and enter a bit of data.

    The data is loaded to DAT02 in the Action "9.3 Import Shipping Metrics", but I've not brought it into the TRA01 module at this point!

  • Hi!  @CliveArmitage 

    Yes I did...

    In the formula (3) you also should Look for a Shipping method.

    I believe that should work. I didn't put any data in order to get 2..

    But I did corrected few formulas in different modules, so let me know if correction of this formula works ... 

    (I just don't remember exactly right now what dependencies I have between modules.. so it might be more formulas in different modules which I corrected)


  • smontgom

    This is the formula that I used.... 'TRA01 Shipping Metrics by week'.'Shipping Time (Week)'[LOOKUP: SKU PARENT, LOOKUP: Shipping Methods]