New blueprint view (order of columns)


Hello All,

Am I the only one surprised by the new blueprint view (the order of columns has changed) and not being able to find any info on Anaplan community?

New Blueprint.jpg

April 24 - no link no info.jpg



  • Misbah


    No, You are not alone - it Indeed has changed. Format is the first column now.

    Updating Anapedia takes a day or two - lets give them this much time and see if we have this updated by tomorrow



  • Thank you @Misbah 

    A heads up post on "Platform updates" would have been nice!

  • I think there was a small note on it, but it wasn't super clear 🙂 


    In the "Upcoming Maintenance: April 24 2021" article, there was one line here: 


    • See the fields you configure most often in Blueprint first for a more intuitive experience


  • Yess I'm refreshing the platform release page the whole day since there were some other changes that were on the sneak peak, and I wanted to learn more about them. 
    Don't get me wrong - I think the new order of columns makes a lot more sense, I was always loosing the "Summary" column.. But I've been doing Anaplan for 3 years now, so my brain is completely bugged with the new order and I'm scrolling like a crazy person trying to find the right columns hahaha 

  • Exactly @lis.degeus 

    I was hoping to get more details (in one place) about some of the enhanements mentioned in the post that @kevin.cho referenced

    • Perform calculations with User lists
    • Use the Update Current Period action to automate updates of Current Period as a stand alone action and as part of a process
    • Monitor events when users open a model to meet compliance via audit service logs

    I also noticed that the width of  "Previous value" and "New Value" columns when running the History adjut to show the entire value/test of the changed. Is this new or am I just noticing it now?


    new value.jpg

    New value long.jpg



  • Misbah



    Should be here soon. 


    Update Current Period: This is the action that was added to the ACTIONS section of Anaplan. You can create this action by supplying one SYS module (with No Dimensions) having one Line item formatted as Time period. 



    For more info see this  Link 

    2. Perform Calculations with User Lists: Here I performed a few calculation using SUM, LOOKUP. You can also use FIRSTNONBLANK, LASTNONBLANK functions with USERS list.  However you will not be able to get the top level information of USERS list.



    Source Module


    Target Module



    Source Module


    Target Module:



    You might see something on this from @rob_marshall as well.


    Hope that helps



  • @Misbah 


    I am just waiting for it to be posted.

  • @fabien.junod @Misbah @lis.degeus @kevin.cho 


    See more information on Update Current Period action here

  • Thank you @rob_marshall and @dafinkapancheva  for sharing more info about the new features!

    Very helpful!

  • The What's New blog is now also updated with more details and relevant links that may have been missing earlier today.